Monday, October 19, 2009

Woops, who broke the moon?

So, NASA bombed the moon. To some this may sound impressive, daring and rather exciting but in my mind it sounds rather – to be frank, blatantly stupid. Who bombs the moon? Well, NASA does apparently (

Their aim was in fact, to shoot a rocket that will project a missile (yes, they weren’t messing around) from Cape Canaveral, out through the atmosphere and into the great unknown with the intention of literally bombing the moon. The purpose, you may be wondering, was for a group of seemingly bored scientists to test if they could create water ( Sounds like a good idea, yes? No. How do us mere humans, down here on our little safe planet, actually know what our “bright ideas” will provoke?

Our understanding of the universe, ( no matter how worldly, intelligent or well-studied we are is not in the least adequate enough for us to be shooting off missiles and attempting to create water on a piece of floating rock which we actually kind of need… you know that thing that in partnership with the sun that dictates day and night?

Now, I am personally all for science, innovation and progress but somehow this seems to be a rather rash and idiotic move forward. Yes, it would absolutely earth-shattering (probably literally) if they could create water by bombing the moon, but how about we leave that up to big guy in heaven. He seemed to manage quite fine without our missiles and look, he created oceans.


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