Thursday, October 29, 2009

Walking with the mind

Candice Struthers


For the past ten months of this year I have starred into the beautiful scenery surrounding my residence, namely Margaret Smith: a distant res, far far away from campus. Although I never quite ventured into these natural surroundings until yesterday where I was no longer a student, no longer ‘Candice”, no longer some being that exists purely to advance. I was wonderfully absent minded from reality.

It was a magic moment although the word ‘moment’ is not quite correct as that would imply time- here there was no time. I had entered a new world that ironically stood meters from reality. With no worries in the world my legs carried me to the aqua dam that lay ahead. I pictured the life beneath, the small fish and the movement of the water above them. Above water I felt the sky looking down and smiling at the nature that lay before it. The sounds were life and I only formed part of the symphony. I lay down for some of the time as if the wind had placed me there and awoke as if the sun had told me too, as if telling me that ‘bedtime’ had come or that my time was done.

Beyond the gate, into the deep thicket of grass that I had somehow lost touch with in my ‘normal’ life, I found myself a new character. I existed simply for each step and for each breath. Everything was alive, from my senses to the stones that crunched under my feet. My humanity was reduced to a blade of grass, although I delighted in this new feeling. I had no worry in the world, and I’ve never felt safer.

It might have been the intensity of the sun, the way it shone, the way it weaved itself between the grass that made everything in this hour so different – I simply don’t know. What I do know though is that I wasn’t in this world, figuratively that is. It is no doubt that this all occurred to me in my mind and that the things I felt were not completely ‘real’ although it’s the feeling that matters to me the most. In this hour I let myself be open to the influence of nature and I have never been more surprised. The power of the mind can therefore never be doubted: as ones soul lies in the hands on the mind that I now see can transport anyone anywhere. Pretty exciting I would say.


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