Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A walk down "The Paper Trail"

Angela Mac Donald

A walk down The Paper Trail

Firstly, I love The Paper Trail's blog set-up; the whole folio note book and pencil crayons really does it for me - it is what I envisage when I think about writing.

The blog posts are personal, well written, professional, and interesting. I particularly like how the blogger's included images wherever possible; it gives their posts that little something extra.

There were a couple of blog posts that really caught my eye and that I enjoyed reading. These were:

"You asked for it!" by Marina Maema.
I enjoyed how Maema addressed the whole paparazzi issue and how it was easy to hear her own personal voice coming through. I definitely share her view.

"Let's be considerate" by Cam Skerritt.
This particular article resonated with me as I am very concerned about animal rights. The post is factual and informative. Coincidentally, I also wrote my opinion piece on anti-animal cruelty.

"Our President of the Free World" by Nkuli Nhlabathi.
I enjoyed this piece particularly because it was written in the first person. Nhlabathi expressed his opinion clearly and his voice was loud and clear.

"Armed gang hits Joburg bakery" by Candice Scear.
I was unaware of the Johannesburg robbery so the article was very informative. I love how Scear questions human kind in the third paragraph, making it truly personal.

If you are interested in taking a walk down The Paper Trail click on the link below:


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