Thursday, October 29, 2009

Taking note of other blogs

‘Please Note the Following’ ( is a blog created and contributed to by 4 first year journalism students. One of the bloggers states that their blog serves to “inform the world about issues and happenings in a reader friendly way”. It is also advertised on twitter as: “Not another teen blog? This one’s worth it, with an aim to devastate and deviate.” Contradictory to this, one blogger’s view is that the blog is written “with the intention of addressing the more ‘mundane’ things – the events have become ‘insignificant’”. Although the blog does not present what it was intended to it is somewhat interesting. The bloggers comment on popular culture in articles such as “Don’t wanna be an American idiot” and “Tomorrow Converse will still be popular”. Music is featured in the post “Rocking the Daisies 2009”. A large portion of what is written involves the nature of journalism, the ethics behind journalism and becoming a journalist. “The Painters of Battles” and “Why waste the time” are two such posts. Political commentary and opinion do feature prominently in the blog. ‘Please Note the Following’ serves as an insight to the thoughts and interests of journalism students. There are some very valid and interesting comments and concepts. This blog is an amalgamation of what these 4 journalism students think their followers should take note of. In contrast to a blog such as which has a very clear focus, this blog lacks a main objective however as a journalism student it may be relevant to internalising the role of a journalist.


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