Friday, October 30, 2009

Nothing Better Than Coffee and Cigarettes in The Morning

Having become rather biased and partial to my own group’s blog I felt a strange sense of impending doom when we received our assignment brief. It was daunting to actually acknowledge that maybe our blog wasn’t quite the most fabulous creation; maybe, just maybe someone had a better idea with more… what was it? Oh yes – “flair”. Well, I held down ctrl and I clicked on the first thing that caught my attention.

I apprehensively opened my eyes and the flair was well and truly there. Cigarettes and Coffee (
), how I love those two very things, and here was a blog encompassing the cathartic early morning ritual so many of us either openly or sneakily partake in before those dreaded 7:45 lectures.

The blog’s background imagery consists of a worn wooden floor and a perfect cup of coffee contrasted with black and white stockinged feet. Further, they have a voting gadget, an informative and enticing “about me” section, two different “template headers”, many photographs and the actual writing is quick, clever and concise – it’s glorious.

I was so impressed that my egotistical nonsense about my own blog went right out the window. I spent the next three and a half hours going through every blog they had conceived and then through the entire JMS1 blog list, without even one cigarette break! Coffee and Cigarettes blog had set a very high standard for the others I was about to browse through, but I wasn’t disappointed by any of them. In face quite the opposite; the first year blogs of 09 are most certainly the epitome of great writing, creativity, insight and of course… flair.


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