Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Nobel One

By Candace Gawler

The name ‘Obama’ used to conjure up images of the gorgeous man who was a promise of hope and a better world. Despite my loyalty to the man, the name now conjures up ‘Peace’, ‘Prize’….Noble….'Nobel'? The main question on everyone’s mind is: did Obama really deserve that Nobel Peace Prize? Has he done enough to deserve it? Peter Beaumont asks precisely this question in his article entitled “Barack Obama’s Nobel prize: Why now?” in the Mail and Guardian ( America still has troops in Iraq, how is this peaceful? The Nobel committee nominated Obama on the basis of “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” Peter Vale, a Politics and International Relations Professor at Rhodes University, believes that the troops will be withdrawn within the next few months. It is Obama's intention to resolve the war on terrorism peacefully however he has not YET done anything substantial that warrants getting the award. Although he has good intentions his vision has not manifested any consequential results. However I also question if there is anyone else worthy of the prize? As Obama is the leader of such a powerful country, and we must admit that America has hegemony over the world at the moment, it is more likely that the world can come closer to reaching Obama’s “vision … for a world without nuclear weapons." (
Obama said he was surprised and humbled by the award and it is felt by some that it may spur the White House into action with the media’s beady eye on them yet again.( To watch a video of Obama’s acceptance speech go to:


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