Sunday, October 25, 2009

A little Chuck Bass or a little Edward Cullen?

Tapping into the ‘dark’ world in which unreal vulnerabilities make us feel safer than ever.

The gorgeous vampire men who have this far graced our screens are not the solo driving forces behind this years vampire craze. Twilight has set in motion vampire-entertainment which has been received exceptionally well by the young world. Film and media often reflect the tone of the times, as people across the globe struggle in a financial crisis that hasn’t been experienced since the Great Depression. Hence we exist is a ‘dark’ time, one that may be a likened to the abundant vampire material of this year. Lady Gaga recently appeared on the cover of Out Magazine highlighting the vampire ‘fashion’ with blood, black and little clothing to cover her trendy ‘white’ body. The current 1420835 fans on the official Robert Pattinson Facebook Page bare a piece of society’s new obsession. The ‘dark’ future intends not to end with vampires but move toward the more grotesque as Zombieland a new epic film is set to hit cinemas in November. The innocence of the Twilight saga has rapidly developed to encompass a larger target audience. True Blood exemplifies vampire-porn and The Vampire Dairies captivate a deeper evil. Ultimately, graphics and evil aside, the vampire trend stands in great perfection to the reality in which we live. Even the Chuck Bass’s of the world cannot compare to the forever committed, passionate, strong, deep and dangerous vampires that have become the pale yet beautiful objects of our imaginations.


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