Friday, October 30, 2009

An irresistable kind of blog?

Sugar-honey ice tea? This delicious-sounding mixture of a blog is at .

It even looks like it sounds because of its colour scheme and lively yellow patterns. Whilst the blog professes to be “schizophrenic” it is still neatly laid out and easy on the eyes. Entertainment News is its game and the collaborators update the blog twice-weekly. The articles are far from hard news-worthy, including articles on Busta Rhymes, Oprah, and scandalous adoptions.

Because it gives off a ‘gangsta’ impression a lot of slang is appropriately used in their writing such as “LOL” but this doesn’t mean that their punctuation is justifiably incorrect. There are chunks of text with no commas, and many apostrophes left out. Perhaps they were too ambitious in updating the blog often because I find that many of the articles are carelessly written and not very absorbing (Do we need a step by step commentary on Busta Rhymes’ lyrics?)

They didn’t really explore the technological potential of the blog by posting video clips, for example, but their use of bright and relevant pictures is very good. They did a poll on their followers to get their opinion of what they are discussing and I thought that this was an imaginative idea to encourage an audience response. This blog is similar to other entertainment blogs but the collaborators do give conflicting opinions on topics and if it interests you then can you really have too much of a good thing? The blog oozes passion about the genre.


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