Sunday, October 18, 2009

No more ice baby

Freezing old
Candice Struthers

Every few months we are enlightened by numerous news reports of the melting ice caps in the Arctic and the “summer sea” that is to replace the ice within what they now assume could be as little as a decade.
One may hear of these stories possibly three to four times a year and every time they are confronted with the same spell of nostalgia that leaves them helpless in the comfortable arms of their chairs at home. Explorers, scientists, environmentalists and the like set out to better their findings and develop solutions to combat the epidemic. The structure of the story never changes, only the content and therefore one assumes little progress.,1,22&type=top&File=080828040228.y4aeutld.xml
We at the other side of the television watch with disability as no matter how much we listen we are limited by our inferior knowledge and expertise. Yes we can use less petrol or less deodorant during the day and other ‘solutions’ (to reduce carbon emissions) to aid the slowing down of the melting process but ultimately there is little that we can do big enough to fight this growing anxiety about the world around us. So we’ll continue to listen and we’ll continue to smell a little less than ‘great‘ during the day and as we do we will hope and pray that someone somewhere can help an entire world of people within the span of an uncertain decade or two.
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