Thursday, October 29, 2009

Follow the blogging rainbow

Utopia on the web

Candice Struthers


Two cuddly figures, possibly a mother and a daughter, look out toward a bright rainbow and blue blue sky. The daughter carries a lollipop and the mother holds her other hand. The trees are circular as are the mountains and white clouds. A safe haven: you have entered blog-topia!

On visiting “The Number 42 is Purple” the look and consequential ‘feel’ of the blog is what initially catches the reader’s eye. The almost but not quite childlike picture acts as the ‘cover’ of the blog and rejuvenates the readers’ need to read and need to be involved in the life that the blog possesses.

Intimacy within the blog is suggested by the two close figures. Four intelligent outspoken women are the makers of this new found blog-haven. Catherine addresses the reader about an experience between herself and another member in the group. The piece is delightful in its randomness but most importantly shares with the reader the close relationship between the four blogging journalists. There is a level in sincerity in the words of these women who cover topics such as the Nobel Peace Prize debate, rape victims as well as child trafficking.

Each post forms part of a literary rainbow which opens the reader to a world in which no boundaries exist. As the journalists are free so is the reader. The blog is delightful and easy to follow; also entertaining, organised and relevant. These women are prolific in creativity- follow them and see where the rainbow takes you.


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