Monday, September 28, 2009

My manifesto as a journalism student and blogger

By Amy Uzzell

"Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less travelled by- and that has made all the difference"- Robert Frost. I am aiming my blog at absolutely anyone who wants to discover my perspective of things. Why would they want to do this? Well, because I am a creative and critical person and if they enjoy and feel enriched by what I have to say then I would be happy for them to read it.

It will be done by revealing things from my point of view with the back drop of my past experiences and the people and places that have influence on and have influenced my life. I am very interested in hearing people's stories and trying to capture the essence of what they want to tell the world- as a journalist I will be a tool to capture and articulate what people have to say. By "taking the road less travelled by" I want to abandon conventionality- or at least try to. It is impossible to be ‘unobjective’, we are all affected by the world around us, but like the title of this blog, THE ART OF UNOBJECTIVITY, suggests this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Hopefully people will find my opinion refreshing. I am annoyed by how blasé people are today and I admire those who stand by their own opinions, it is indeed an art.

Journalism students tend to be very ambitious, perhaps too ambitious. I too am a member of this 'generalised clan.' You have to work hard to stand out and decide how you are going to deal with the fact that a lot of journalism seems to be solely driven by money and NGO’s. And there is so much media everywhere. I want my opinion to matter and to be valued for its sake. Journalism is an important mode of expression and the media is vital in a democracy and in uniting the community as a whole. As a journalism student I want to show you how my opinion develops as I delve deeper into understanding the media and my role in it. By publishing this on this blog, it can be up-to-date, almost live.


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