Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My idEnTitY aS a J0urNaLisT*

My idEnTitY aS a J0urNaLisT*

·As a journalist I would say that I am honest and opinionated.

·One could argue that when writing I often find it difficult to get straight to the point, I do enjoy being descriptive – after all, English is my passion!

·During our JMS1 ‘identity’ tutorial I realised that although I know who I am and what I like, etc… I feel as though I have to be slightly different when it comes to journalism… for example, I am the type of person who describes every detail, and I enjoy doing it. Although unfortunately when it comes to news articles there is not much room for description (i.e. with limited space, one is often unable to describe the setting, the way the murderer’s face looked at the time of his conviction, the sound of the strikers in the street) .


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