Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Manifesto of a Student Journalist Blogger

By Jessica Kate Stuart-Clark

The Art of Unobjectivity, a blog which provides a platform for honesty, realism and a safe spaceutterly biased, definitively politically incorrect and truly, royally unobjective posts. This blog provides an arena whereby, both the team and our followers can express their opinions without hesitation, censorship and sanctions – freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom from the confines of a subjective ideal, could a journalist truly ask for more?

Our intention is most certainly evident, we intend to promote the art of unobjectivity, defining our concept through the subject matter which we explore and express. Through defining what is considered unobjective and honestly rather subjective or biased we can begin to truly grapple with the idea of objectivity. We are young adults, opinionated, independent and painfully ready to embrace our future with the eagerness of children. We shall employ our blog, our platform, as a means to express ideas, confront conflict and enter into the magical discourse that makes our world so truly exciting.

Today, as student journalists we are thrown head first into a dichotomy of reality and idealism. We are told to express our creativity, research our interests, become absorbed and fulfil our journalistic potential whilst creating snappy headlines and working on far too many articles at once. Instead we find ourselves wrapped, trapped amidst politics. The politics of being subjective, unbiased, politically correct. Everyone has at least once experienced the euphemistic nature of political correctness: someone labelled “lighter in complexion” rather than “white”, Zuma’s corruption charges dropped labelled “unfortunate” rather than, frankly; “effing ridiculous”. It is time to claim our opinions, to be a little biased and a little subjective. It is time that we begin to say what we mean. Of course this does not mean that sensitivity, tact, empathy and sympathy must become null and void, but rather employed as a tool when forming an opinion rather than a restriction. The delicious ambiguity and incomprehensible world is exciting, ever-changing and an opinion or standpoint is merely the beginning of a fascinating, consuming discussion.

As a student journalist, I intend to embrace the ambiguities, the dichotomies, the glorious discourse and if you will – the good, the bad and the ugly. I will write from my point of view, first person and utterly subjective. Journalism is a fancy word for writing and with the increase of citizen journalism it is more than appropriate that we rebel against the restrictions of convention, and Write. Express. Enjoy. I will stick to the facts and the fantasy, confide and withhold, create perfection and mistakes, embrace the contradictions of human nature and reflect that within my decisively indecisive, articulately incoherent writing.


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