Monday, September 28, 2009

Manifesto of a student journalist blogger

By Candice Struthers
This blog is aimed at any one who has a voice and is not afraid to use it! This blog has no definite age, gender or interest target group as anyone can read it and all opinions and pieces of information are completely relevant. We encourage people on this blog to delve deep into matters that interest them the most. Other bloggers will aid their ‘study’ (if you like) by further research where interest is due. The idea is that a random thought may be put onto the blog and within days become a fully developed debated subject. Bloggers will never lack being well informed as most times the things that concern people, are topical and relevant to the current times. News features are likely to appear on the blog page, although it is not one-sided as people can really get involved and include a range of sources that the news may have neglected. Opinions are not fact although they have importance in the way that people view the world. On this blog people will confront fact and opinion and form a rich and diverse opinion of certain subjects if not the world. The aim is that bloggers do not hold back but launch themselves fully into what ever it is that fascinates them, that is relevant and that has some kind of importance to them.

Our blog page does not feature the full stories but rather cartoon and note snippets that give one the general census about what is on offer. It is like going to a candy store, where the wrapping of each sweet entices one’s interest, but until they have open the wrapper and eat the sweet do they see and taste what it is all about. Bloggers cannot simply arrive at the blog page with ill-informed opinions as they have failed to research what it is they are objecting to or agreeing with. Bloggers must upload more than ‘what they think’ in order to be taken seriously.

My voice wishes to have a relevant opinion about things that concern my daily life and the people in it. Here each blogger can give a piece of their knowledge to the followers found on this blog and share in the privileged knowledge of the world- as without our brains where would we be?

This particular blog has a key focus on journalism which is a fantastic springboard off which to voice one’s opinions because in the world of journalism there is little that goes unnoticed: Your auntie on Green Lane experiences a high jacking and you’re in with the rest of society to know about it before she can pick up the phone!


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